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Western Buckeye Conference

Tri-County Conference

Parent and Player Membership 

 learn position-specific drills and other training techniques all on video.

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Junior Buckeye League ALL Star Game

Saturday November 4th , 7pm @ Delphos Stadium

Western Buckeye Conference


Tri County Conference

admission  $3:00


JBL Super Bowl

Saturday October 28th @ Allen East High School

Tri County Conference

 (JV) Delphos Raiders vs Col. Grove Bulldogs Champs

(Var) Bluffton Pirates vs Col. Grove Bulldogs Champs

Western Buckeye Conference

(JV) Van Wert Cougars Champs vs Bath Cats

(Var) St. Marys Colts vs Shawnee Black Champs



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Rule Changes

  • A Kicked extra point or Field Goal must be performed as a normal football play.(offense)

       The ball snapped between the centers legs and to the holder without the

       football hitting the field of play.

  • The defensive coach in a JV game must be on the sideline when the offense snaps the ball.

  • Touch downs will be scored a 6 points

  • Extra points will be worth as follows

  1. Rushing extra points are worth 1 point​

  2. Passing extra points are worth 2 points

  3. Kicking extra points are worth 2 points

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